Newcastle is a shifty broad. Sure, no one looks better in a midnight cocktail dress under a pale streetlight, but she hates idealists. She’ll take your innocence and leave you thanking her with a big ol’ smile on your mug. It isn’t until she’s gone you realize that she’s taken everything you have. p.

Welcome to the Dark Metropolis, a “realistic fantasy” game. What does that mean? Well there are fantastical elements and here they are accepted as fact. However, as opposed to the psychology and actions of most fantasy characters, complete with the “good guys always win” attitude, we are looking for a game with more realistic causes and effects. It would be better summed up with the phrase “Crooks get rich, Saints get shot, and God don’t answer prayers a lot.”p.

So step into the shoes of a hard-boiled detective or a swanky dame. Squeeze every last drop out of her veins. We won’t tell. Just have a good time and remember to tip the concierge on the way out. He’ll clean it all up.

The Dark Metropolis